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A demonstration of moving an object along a bezier path in iOS

The PathMove program allows the user to set up a predetermined set of bezier paths and then trigger a UIImageView object to move from start to end along that path.

PathMove is available both in the iTunes store and as source code from GitHub, and you can find out more about it on my blog.

The program incorporates several options to do things like:

  • Select the ending quadrant of the bezier path.
  • Mix and match three different predefined bezier path segments for the starting and ending segments of the overall path.
  • Allow the object to grow, shrink or remain the same size as it moves along the path.
  • Rotate the object to match the tangent of the bezier curve as the object moves.
  • Pre-Rotate the object by 90 degrees to accommodate how iOS calculates a tangent.
  • Annotate the complete bezier path with the size and location of all of the path’s the control points

The program consists of two screens – a main screen where the path is drawn and the object moves, and a setup screen which contains all the options that the user can make. The following screen shots show the object moving along a path and the corresponding setup screen that created the path. The final screen shot shows how the bezier path can be annotated in order to show all the control points.

Main Screen
PathMove Main Screen
PathMove Setup
Annotated Path
PathMove Annotated Path
PathMove on iTunes
PathMove on GitHub
PathMove on Joalah Designs Blog